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> (I forgot to reply-all to mailing list, sorry for double posting Ben!)
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>> It's been suggested by a core team member that enumerated itself might
>> not hold its weight in the standard library. Instead, we ought to write
>> `zip(foo.indices, foo)` or `zip(0..., foo)`. It's easier for the caller to
>> see which side of the tuple stores the index and whether the index is an
>> integer or an actual index type. This use case seems to further support
>> this design since `zip(x…, foo)` and `zip(foo.indicies.drop(x), foo)` can
>> be easily written.
>> Yup, this is my personal preference. Enumerated has a number of
>> correctness and usability issues: slices aren’t zero based so you could
>> miss a potential trap at runtime, order of the two arguments is unclear
>> unlike the zip alternative, and it encourages people to write code using
>> integers rather than indices even one the latter is more expressive and
>> generalizes better if you ever want to make what you wrote generic.
>> Note also, since SE-0172 is now implemented on master, you can also write
>> zip(6…, myArray) if you want to alter the starting value.
> I have mentioned this in Alternatives considered section, with following
> comment:
> > Drawback of this approach is that you need to use free function zip,
> forcing a break in the chain of sequence operations, as there is currently
> no zipped method on Sequence.
> > If this is the preffered approach, we should consider removing the
> enumerated() method altogether, because the limited usefullness in its
> current state hardly justifies the space on API surface it occupies.
> I'd be personally fine with removal of enumerated() if we added
> zipped(with:).
> Free function zip is essential, no doubt. What was the reason there isn't
> also zipped, Ben?

Sorry, I'm confused: what is the point of adding a method that does the
same thing as an existing free function? With one-sided ranges now a part
of the language, I'd support removal of `enumerated()` with no other
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