[swift-evolution] [Proposal][Discussion] Deprecate Tuple Shuffles

Adrian Zubarev adrian.zubarev at devandartist.com
Fri May 5 01:12:43 CDT 2017

Oh pardon, on the first glance I didn’t realized the issue with that example.

Here is an updated example that would work:

let (first, second: (x, y)): (first: Int, second: (x: Int, y: Int)) = tuple
This should work right? It’s assigning the inner tuple to second while also creating two additional constants from the inner tuple. I know this is redundant and can be used as second.x, but this should work like right, because it’s nested tuple destructuring? If we’d use var instead of let then x would contain the value assigned from the inner tuple, but it would be completely independent from the new second tuple variable.

Adrian Zubarev
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Am 5. Mai 2017 um 08:04:07, Xiaodi Wu (xiaodi.wu at gmail.com) schrieb:

let (first: a, second: (x: b, y: c)): (first: Int, second: (x: Int, y: Int)) = tuple // fine, unaffected
This would be banned. You are using labels (things ending with a colon) in a pattern (the stuff that comes after the word "let").
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