[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0174: Change `filter` to return an associated type

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Fri Apr 28 21:27:23 CDT 2017

I think that the alternatives considered section isn’t entirely correct. Even if we had a more expressive type system, it would not be possible to make the return value of `map` preserve the element type *while* still allowing types like `String`, which aren’t parameterized by an element, to conform.

I think this would require two separate mapping protocols (ignore the straw man names and syntax):

protocol Mappable: Sequence {
    func map(_ transform: (Iterator.Element) -> Iterator.Element) -> Self
    // could also add `mapInPlace`

protocol MappableFunctor: Mappable {
    kind Self<Iterator.Element>
    func map<T>(_ transform: (Iterator.Element) -> T) -> Self<T>

I think we’d also require either a way for the generic function to conform to the non-generic signature if there exists a conforming instantiation if both functions were to have the same name.

Also, we’d probably want a way to say that the `T` in the generic signature has the same type constraints as the generic parameter would need to…


Anyway, the point is that we *could* consider adding the first protocol right now (or more likely, add the requirement to `Sequence`) even though the second protocol is not possible yet. Even if/when Swift’s type system can handle that, the first protocol will still be necessary for types like `String` that cannot conform to the second.

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