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> > `compare(_:)` does not merit a term-of-art exception when the Swift name
> is clearly `compared(to:)`.
> No; in full grammatical pedanticity it should be compared(with:).
> “compare to” is for dissimilar things.
> “compare with” is for similar things.
> (I’m not claiming that anyone cares, and I may have a traditional
> interpretation.)

I have read the entirety of the OED entry on "compare," and I have found no
evidence to support that. There are some usages that prefer "to" over
"with," and some vice versa, but it is not by degree of similarity.

> If the whole thing remains couched in terms of comparison, I prefer the
> function to be named compare(_:), because it’s such an everyday term. No
> one expects this action to possibly have a side effect.
> Cheers,
> Guillaume Lessard
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