[swift-evolution] Enhancing access levels without breaking changes

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Mon Apr 10 10:52:54 CDT 2017

> What do you think of `partial` types like C# but limited to a file?

Well, imho it would be better than some alternatives, because it might lay the ground for something that is more useful than current same-file extensions, which offer no guarantee that the extension declaring the conformance adds anything to fulfil them (and because of retroactive conformance, I don't think this will be changed for extensions).

If private isn't restricted to a single scope anymore, imho all the splitting has no practical benefits at all, and even if we keep the old definition, I doubt that it's worth the increased complexity:
A //MARK-comment is much more useful than an extension, and like many developers, I prefer to keep instance variables grouped in a prominent place (above the methods), so most likely wouldn't use the "special power" of partial.
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