[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0169: Improve Interaction Between private Declarations and Extensions

John McCall rjmccall at apple.com
Fri Apr 7 11:57:20 CDT 2017

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>>>> What is your evaluation of the proposal?
>>> Strong -1.  Just rename ‘fileprivate’ to be less annoying.
>> So, we keep being told it won't happen and our current Bly suggestion discussing this proposal cannot be to just keep asking for it, can it?
> We were told we can’t do the double rename.  I believe renaming ‘fileprivate’ is still on the table (or at least it will have to be at some point when we consider submodules).

We could, in some future update, introduce a new keyword and deprecate 'fileprivate'.  Whether this impacts submodules really remains to be seen — there are about twenty different things that people mean by "submodules", and it's not at all clear that we should be aiming for a sub-file granularity instead of a super-file granularity.  I understand that some people just seem personally offended by the existence of files, though.

We will not be changing the meaning of 'private' after Swift 4.


> If renaming ‘fileprivate’ is truly off the table, we should definitely NOT accept this proposal (for all the reasons I and others have stated).  We should keep the status quo, horrible as it may be.
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