[swift-evolution] [Pitch] String revision proposal #1

Karim Nassar karim at karimnassar.com
Thu Mar 30 12:05:59 CDT 2017

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> I haven’t followed the topic and while reading the proposal I found it a little confusing that we have inconsistent type names. I’m not a native English speaker so that’s might be the main case for my confusion here, so I’d appreciate for any clarification. ;-)
> SubSequence vs. Substring and not SubString.
> The word substring is an English word, but so is subsequence (I double checked here).
> So where exactly is the issue here? Is it SubSequence which is written in camel case or is it Substring which is not?
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> Adrian Zubarev
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I’d also be curious if StringSlice was considered, since we have already the well-established and seemingly-parallel ArraySlice.


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