[swift-evolution] Disallowing many expressions with unused result (@error_unused_result?)

Peter Dillinger Peter.Dillinger at synopsys.com
Sun Mar 26 22:00:30 CDT 2017

> If I copy/paste your code (and add a definition for “trs”), Swift already gives a warning: ... What version of Swift are you using?

The first word of my subject is “disallowing” not “warning.”  And I wrote, and you quoted, the following about compiler warnings:

>> Part of my argument is that people commonly ignore compiler warnings.  We see lots of defective
>> code that would be (or is) caught by compiler warnings but people don't pay attention.

I'm not sure what your point was, but I consider the fact that the compiler already has a proof-of-concept implementation of my proposal as a positive, risk- and expense-reducing aspect of the proposal.

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