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+1 on most of it, with some minor quibbles.

First quibble: between `Number` and `Arithmetic` I’d prefer `Arithmetic`; this is 50/50 aesthetics and concern about clarity vis-a-vis `(NS)Number`, `(NS)DecimalNumber`, and so on.

Next quibble: `Magnitude` being defined as the “absolute value” of the underlying type seems a bit nonsensical if e.g. `Number` is intended to be adoptable by complex numbers (let alone quaternions, matrices, and whatnot). What *would* a conforming complex # implementation be expected to return as e.g. `(1-i).magnitude`? For the intended use this seems like it needs to be moved out of the basic `Number`/`Arithmetic` protocol into a new protocol.

Final quibble: is there an official stance as to whether or not `Number/`Arithmetic` is allowed to have non-commutative multiplication? I see would prefer any policy on this be explicitly documented.

If `Number`/`Arithmetic` *is* intended to allow adopters with non-commutative multiplication, then it’s seemingly missing an overridable method:

- this exists: `x *= y` (presumably equivalent to `x = x * y`)
- this doesn't: `x =* y` (presumably equivalent to one of `x = y * x` *or* `y = x * y`, your preference)

…(alternative operator names are fine, the important bit is an in-place multiplication-from-the-left). Not necessary, but still nice to have for non-commutative adoptees.

PS: I suspect this ship has *long* sailed but I suspect that it would be better in the long run to go the route of `Addable`, `Multipliable`, etc., and use typealiases to define common groupings thereof; note that once you remove `Magnitude`, the only difference between:

- `Number` (as defined)
- `typealias Number = Equatable & ExpressibleByIntegerLiteral & Addable & Multipliable`

…would be `init?<T : BinaryInteger>(exactly source: T)`.

Although this is an extra method and thus extra “semantics”, I think there’s a perfectly-reasonable argument that—at least informally—the *semantics* of `init?<T : BinaryInteger>(exactly source: T)` are already-implied by the adoption of `ExpressibleByIntegerLiteral`; in fact, are there any types that *could* reasonably adopt `ExpressibleByIntegerLiteral` but *could not* reasonably implement `init?<T : BinaryInteger>(exactly source: T)`? 

Anyways, that’s my 2c on this: the Integer-related aspects seem fine, but I have quibbles vis-a-vis the foundational protocol.

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