[swift-evolution] [Proposal][Discussion] Modular Swift

Brent Royal-Gordon brent at architechies.com
Tue Feb 21 21:04:48 CST 2017

I specified two different behaviors for `bar()` and `baz()`. I see now that you describe `internal` as having the behavior I want for `bar()`. Is there a way I can get the behavior I want for `baz()`?

Brent Royal-Gordon
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On Feb 21, 2017, at 6:51 PM, Robert Widmann <devteam.codafi at gmail.com> wrote:

>> What access modifiers do I put on `bar()` and `baz()` so that `MyMod` can access `bar()` but not `baz()`, and code outside `MyMod` can access neither `bar()` nor `baz()`?
> internal

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