[swift-evolution] final + lazy + fileprivate modifiers

Zach Waldowski zach at waldowski.me
Mon Feb 20 08:00:42 CST 2017

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017, at 02:29 AM, Goffredo Marocchi via swift-evolution
> Maybe the burden of proof required for this change is not met even though
> it frustrates those who dislike fileprivate.

It's more frustrating that it's seemingly now imperative to get the
burden of proof to remove it is now a, when the burden of proof was
ignored in the rush to add it to the language.

As you insist we spend our energies elsewhere, I meet more and more
people who are turned off by Swift because of arcana like fileprivate.
The language is 3 years old; it shouldn't have baggage like this.
"Similar but subtly different to another keyword by the addition of a
few letters of easily-confused spelling" is C++ to the tee.

No, I'll concede in the end it's just a papercut, albeit in the sea of
other paper cuts including compile times, generics limitations,
overcomplicating bridging, etc, etc. However, this is a battle for the
soul of the language as much as anything else is on Evolution. The
opinions of those who want to add an ill-considered keyword to solve
every problem are overrepresented; those for whom that pattern fatally
complicates the language are underrepresented, because they've already
stopped using Swift.

  Zachary Waldowski
  zach at waldowski.me

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