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I listened to this podcast, and it is fantastic - I’m going to listen to it again.

I used to have the same reservations about the directions that Swift was going in, but one thing Chris said in the podcast really changed my mind: the idea of progressively revealing complexity to the user.

At some level, if you want to do powerful things, you need to have powerful (and dangerous) tools. Since Chris’ goal for Swift is World Domination, it will eventually need to do everything. The important part is to do it in a measured way so that it’s easily approachable, yet you can peel back the complexity veils as you need to do more. That being said, I don’t think Swift has been doing a good job of this so far (String, Optionals, Generics)  But I have faith that the community on swift-evolution, (with temperance from the core team) will eventually mould the language into the ideal: keep simple things simple, make difficult things easy, make impossible things possible. It would be nice if this were “written into the constitution” of Swift.


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> I think it’s intended but in a good way. If you have missed the podcast with Chris Lattner:
> Podcast: http://atp.fm/205 <http://atp.fm/205>
> Transcript: http://atp.fm/205-chris-lattner-interview-transcript/ <http://atp.fm/205-chris-lattner-interview-transcript/>
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> Obviously, I care a lot about Swift and I really want it to get to its goal of world domination.
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>>  Swift seems to be on course to become a behemoth of a language. 
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