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Daniel Leping daniel at crossroadlabs.xyz
Sun Feb 19 08:15:06 CST 2017

The problem with keeping things simple is that it might become another
Java. Great for newbies, nightmare for seniors.

What you describe is rather bad practices within a team. I have very
positive experience with Scala (behemoth?) projects in a mixed
newbie/senior team. The key to success is a bit of training to the newbies
and very strict rules for everybody to follow.

I'm afraid we still lack to much in Swift as for today (i.e. good
functional capabilities) and if we stop thinking in a "behemoth" way we
never get em.

There is a big difference from one "behemoth" to another. I would compare
C++ and Scala. IMO C++ became a bad (fans forgive me, please) kind of
"behemoth" because of the legacy nobody wants to get rid of. Scala on the
other hand has an opposite approach: "we made a bad decision in the past...
screw it. Let's just reimplement it in a different way". As for me the
latter is the ONLY viable approach for complicated systems, including
"behemoth" languages.

On Sun, 19 Feb 2017 at 11:30 Georgios Moschovitis via swift-evolution <
swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:

> While you do have a valid point here, I, for one, would like to use a
> well-designed ‘behemoth’ language.
> Also, I find the strive to achieve perfection (vis-a-vis stability) a
> refreshing point of view.
> If I wanted a more conservative language I would stick with Java (or
> Objective-C).
> -g.
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