[swift-evolution] Plan to move swift-evolution and swift-users mailing lists to Discourse

Bouke Haarsma bouke at haarsma.eu
Fri Feb 10 00:11:17 CST 2017

A big +1 for Discourse from me as well. I don't want to sign up to the 
mailing list and have mailbox overflow. I did have rules put in place 
to move the messages in a separate folder, but still the amount wasn't 
manageable. Furthermore reading the threads in Mail.app is a major pain 
as a result of different quotation styles used by various authors.

Currently I use gmane.org's nntp servers and the outdated Unison.app. 
However that app also doesn't support the various quotation styles, 
which doesn't help with following topics. I'd be very happy to use 
Discourse, as it allows me to opt-in to any discussion I'd like and 
start/stop e-mail notifications as I see fit. Also Github Issues would 
allow me to do that, but I can see the benefits Discourse would 
provide; e.g. better moderation, pinning topics for recurring topics 
and ownership of the forum's data (threads).


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