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There has been a tremendous amount of participation on this thread, with some extremely thoughtful analysis of how the mailing list serves the community and the tradeoffs of moving to a forum, like Discourse.

I've been thinking about the points made on this thread as well as looking at the experimental Discourse setup that Nate Cook provided.  While there are tradeoffs with moving swift-evolution to Discourse, I think the benefits outweigh the negatives.

After discussing this with the Core Team, the decision is to move swift-evolution and swift-users to Discourse.  I will also bring it up for discussion on the -dev mailing lists to do the same there, so that we all are using consistent infrastructure.

No rollout plan has been established yet.  People are busy, and there are a variety of logistics to figure out.  My intent is to engage with a handful of people across the community on helping with the transition, including making sure we configure Discourse properly so we have the best experience for those who want to continue to use email.  We also want to import the history of the mailing list as well so that we do not lose valuable conversation.  As a rollout plan gets figured out it will get communicated.

I realize that many people aren't following this thread anymore, so I'll send out a separate email just so people don't miss the decision.  Thank you all to EVERYONE who participated in this thread and expressed an opinion.


> On Jan 23, 2017, at 8:02 AM, Joshua Alvarado via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> Hey swifters,
>   I would like to (re)open up discussion on moving away from email for the swift evolution mailing list. I know this has probably been discussed before but it really should be addressed again. I wouldn't even know how to find if it has been discussed before because it would be too hard to go back through the history. 
> The main factors to move away from email is because email may deter newcomers, history, and threads. I may be speaking for myself when saying email may intimidate newcomers from expressing their opinions and thoughts. It is hard to know what has already been discussed and who is even in the active conversation. Keeping track of history is a pain as well. Searching through many emails to find who said what and when is not effective in email clients. Also, code formatting in emails is not effective. Let's discuss and actually make an action to move away from email if the community so agrees. Of course, recommendations are Slack, Hipchat (-1), and Gitter.
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