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Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Tue Feb 7 15:15:40 CST 2017

> Believe it or not, not everyone in the world can afford the device and data plan for a JavaScript-rich web front end (I'm aware of the mobile apps). I remember only being able to buy an iPod Touch myself when it came out. I *would* be able to participate SE if it existed back then. Because email is so old and work well in offline environment.

I have full comprehension for those who want to keep their email workflow as it is, but as it has been pointed out many times before: Discourse has support for that… (and it's a little bit annoying to see many fans of email ignoring this fact in their argumentation over and over).

So there are clear benefits associated with a switch, whereas the disadvantages are more or less hypothetical and might as well be proven wrong by reality.
If such vague fear is enough to entrench the status quo, I'd really worry about the impact of this mindset on future progress.

Telegraph and morse code are much more mature than even email, and more reliable than this whole internet-thing, and there are marked pieces of clay that exist for thousands of years and might still be readable when all our modern digital data is forgotten, so progress is definitely not always improvement in every aspect.
But to repeat it once more: In this case, moving to a more modern solution keeps the old one intact.

- Tino

> I agree with email is and Swift is young. Not sure that's a real reason to ditch email, however đŸ˜€. In fact, I could say *because* email is so old, everything about it has become mature and reliable. Besides great, customized clients, it's also a lower requirement for participants.
The reason for the original statement is that I see many similarities to Objective-C:
I know several people who oppose Swift very strongly, although the mature and reliable Objective-C with its customised compilers and lower requirements happily coexists with its successor.
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