[swift-evolution] Removing enumerated?

Chris Eidhof chris at eidhof.nl
Tue Jan 31 08:24:56 CST 2017

Hey everyone,

I've organized a number of Swift workshops over the last two years. There
are a couple of things that keep coming up, and a couple of mistakes that I
see people making over and over again. One of them is that in almost every
workshop, there's someone who thinks that `enumerated()` returns a list of
(index, element) pairs. This is only true for arrays. It breaks when using
array slices, or any other kind of collection. In our workshops, I
sometimes see people doing something like `x.reversed().enumerated()`,
where `x` is an array, and somehow it produces behavior they don't

A few ways I think this could be improved:

- Move enumerated to Array
- Change enumerated to return `(Index, Iterator.Element)` (this would mean
we at least need to move it to collection)
- Remove enumerated
- Keep things as is

In any case, just wanted to share my experience (gained from teaching

Chris Eidhof
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