[swift-evolution] Why doesn't Swift allow a variable and a function with the same name?

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Although there's no spelling for this...
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> > The reason Swift works like this is because you can assign a function
> value (independently of calling it) to a variable. So there aren't two
> separate namespaces separating function names and variable names.
> To be honest, I would say that there's no "reason" for this, except as
> lingering effects of our early "functions have simple names, and arguments
> have labeled tuple type" model. If we had originally implemented the
> language with its current (at least aspirational) Smalltalk-ish
> compound-names model, we probably would have ended up allowing this, since
> the var and func do formally have different names. The ability to reference
> a function by only the first segment of its name is likewise legacy of the
> original model, though it happens to be useful since good naming hygiene
> encourages different base names for different things to begin with.
> -Joe
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