[swift-evolution] The lack of namespaces is leading people astray

tuuranton at tutanota.de tuuranton at tutanota.de
Mon Jan 30 07:55:31 CST 2017

The lack of namespaces is making people create all kinds of "design patterns".

struct API {    static let endpoint = "http://example.com/api"}
Here is an "improvement" to the above "design pattern" to prevent instantiating API:
struct API {    private init() {}    static let endpoint = "http://example.com/api"}
Finally, here is another "improvement" that uses enum instead of struct to avoid having to write the private initializer:
enum API {    static let endpoint = "http://example.com/api"}
I doubt any of you find this beautiful. Yet these "design patterns" (just hacks IMO) are spreading like the plague because of the lack of namespaces.
What do you think?
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