[swift-evolution] A case for postponing ABI stability

Freak Show freakshow42 at mac.com
Sun Jan 29 10:50:13 CST 2017

I have to assume that was sarcasm.

The Release to Release Binary Compatibility with SOM (http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/h-viewer.php?dir=/pub/os2/doc&file=R2R_SOM.zip) paper includes the following footnote:

"We exclude Microsoft’s COM [14] because it is an interface model, not an object model and it’s ABI forbids subclassing between library and application. If our analysis technique is applied to COM, one sees that it supports only Transformations 0 to 4, which places it in the category of procedural pro- gramming rather than object-oriented programming. "

> On Jan 28, 2017, at 23:18, Russ Bishop <xenadu at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yeah and Microsoft’s COM is a reasonable approach

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