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On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 12:43 PM, James Berry via swift-evolution <
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> Since many will likely want to continue to access the discussion via mail,
> I have some questions for anybody who actually has real-life experience in
> using Discourse primarily via email:
> 1. Can one sign up to receive all posts within a project via email? Or
> does one need to sign up for email on a thread-by-thread basis?

Yes, it's called "mailing list mode". Looks like this:

> 2. Can one receive email notifications of new threads?

Mailing list mode enables this.

> 3. How does one create a new thread via email? (presumably just by sending
> an email with a new subject, ala mailing list?)

Yep, here's an example: http://discourse.natecook.com/

> Based on my (limited, non-subscriber-to-discourse) experience so far, I
> would vote for the status quo, perhaps based on years of using mailing
> lists via email. But I’m trying to be open minded.
> James
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