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Joshua Alvarado alvaradojoshua0 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 10:02:16 CST 2017

Hey swifters,
  I would like to (re)open up discussion on moving away from email for the
swift evolution mailing list. I know this has probably been discussed
before but it really should be addressed again. I wouldn't even know how to
find if it has been discussed before because it would be too hard to go
back through the history.

The main factors to move away from email is because email may deter
newcomers, history, and threads. I may be speaking for myself when saying
email may intimidate newcomers from expressing their opinions and thoughts.
It is hard to know what has already been discussed and who is even in the
active conversation. Keeping track of history is a pain as well. Searching
through many emails to find who said what and when is not effective in
email clients. Also, code formatting in emails is not effective. Let's
discuss and actually make an action to move away from email if the
community so agrees. Of course, recommendations are Slack, Hipchat (-1),
and Gitter.

Joshua Alvarado
alvaradojoshua0 at gmail.com
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