[swift-evolution] Update on the Swift Project Lead

Jérôme Duquennoy jerome+swift at duquennoy.fr
Wed Jan 11 02:56:54 CST 2017

Well, that is a big big piece of news !

I want to thank you a lot for all you did on that project Chris.
I consider Swift is the smartest and greatest project that came out of Apple those last years.
Smartest because it feel like this is one of the few project of the company that actually kept in touch with its end users.
Smartest also because you were able to build a community around that project by open sourcing it, and I believe this is how modern projects should be built.
Greatest because swift rocks, it makes my development time much more pleasant and efficient than objective-c.
Greatest also because the quality of it is much higher than the quality of most closed sources libs Apple releases nowadays.

What you and your team have built is awesome, both on the technical standpoint and on the philosophical / strategical one.
I am sure the state of mind around the swift project will continue, and I definitely hope it will spread to some other projects of the company.

I wish you the best for your new mission !


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