[swift-evolution] [Happy New Year !!!!!!!]

Ted F.A. van Gaalen tedvgiosdev at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 15:59:16 CST 2017

Hey guys & girls, (arbitrary sequence :o)

Some of  You might perhaps have noticed that it is now 2016++ (oops 2017)

So wish each other al good things and events, and the most beautiful things
still to find in this mad world (it all depends how we deal with that and has always been that way)

Get some fresh air and enjoy yourself!
I am now 66 retired, have too live from not too much money, 
(hey Chris, send me your previous iMac 4K :o) 
but happy with the freedom with that the nervous worrying (in my case) about 
existence has ceased to exist. Recently I have been hit by 
the micro controller virus (e.g. Raspberry PI, Bluefruit M0 Bluefeather, RX63N) 
very cool.  You have now idea how insanely beautiful a generic red LED can glow 
when PWM modulated… Still in C++ but maybe in Swift later, who knows, perhaps 
a special MCU Swift variant (vendor (eg Atmel, Renesas etc.) supported 
can be brought to life, which would  allow direct port (is volatile memory mapped) access without 
all the (un)managed stuff. In the end my iPads should talk to them with Bluetooth BLE. 
[some current frustrations have been removed here]   

I still take a look at Swift evolution ca. every other day but I’ve lost track more or less..
still think more pragmatic and am perfectly happy with Swift 3.0. Like any other PL it’s not
perfect and it never will be, but that doesn’t bother me. 
(maybe that is because I’ve worked with many PLs, so more flexible and easier content with it)
I can do everything what I want Swift. I do appreciate what y’all doing.
Still, I’d hope it doesn’t go in the same direction as Java and C++ getting more and more
complicated with each release.. I’ve loaded a Swift BLE example.. take a look at one
if you can spare the time and ask yourself questions about long run maintainability of
large batches of Swift sources… 

So, take care, put a carton box over your display for a few days , leave your iPad or Phone at 
home, so you don’t walk like a zombie under a truck while looking for virtual Pokemon beings,
and live like it was "Party like it’s  1999”  (thanks Prince)

Dave, there is no such thing as reality or is there?  :o) 

Kind Regards



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