[swift-evolution] [Proposal] Enum string interoperability with Objective-C and Swift

Derrick Ho wh1pch81n at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 11:15:26 CST 2016

I'm trying to revive an old thread. I'd like to hear from the community.

Can we make a swift enum string interoperable with Objective-C?

Currently NS_STRING_ENUM ports from objective-c to swift but not the other
way around.

I feel that if you can go one direction you should be able to go back.

enum City: String {
case NewYork = "New York"

Make this available as a global string in objective -c ?
On Wed, Nov 23, 2016 at 5:55 AM Derrick Ho <wh1pch81n at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think enum strings should gain better interoperability with swift.
> Something like this: enum City: String {     case NewYork = "New York" }
> This can be ported over to Objective-c like this: typedef NSString * City;
> static City const City_NewYork = @"New York";
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