[swift-evolution] Three quick(ish) generics enhancements; *maybe* phase 1

Dave Abrahams dabrahams at apple.com
Sat Dec 24 11:03:41 CST 2016

on Thu Dec 22 2016, David Sweeris <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:

> I want to revisit some specific generics idea that, IIRC, were
> generally well-recieved at the time, but the conversation died down
> and nobody got around to writing formal proposals. I want to revisit
> them now (as opposed to in phase 2) because I don’t know how much
> “growing room” there is in the ABI for generics to gain features. It’d
> be a shame to close the door on these simply because nobody said
> anything. Anyway...
> 1) Allow generic parameters to have optional labels: struct Array
> <Element T> {…} //`let x = Array<Element: Double>` Not the best
> example, though, since I’d definitely argue against adding a label
> here
> 2) Allow literals as generic arguments: struct Array <T, Length: Int>
> {…} //Allows for `let x = Array<Double, Length: 10>()`
> 3) Allow generic parameters to have default values: struct Array <T,
> Length: Int, FixedSize: Bool = false> {…} //The `let x…` from above
> still works, as well as `let y = Array<Double, Length: 10, FixedSize:
> true>()`

I want all the features you've listed... someday.  They're purely
additive, so there's no urgency to discuss them now, IMO.


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