[swift-evolution] Any consideration for directoryprivate as a compliment to fileprivate?

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Thu Dec 8 11:08:21 CST 2016

I guess it's just coincidence, but this thread about "directoryprivate" did start while the thread about "typeprivate" (which ended up as a general discussion) is fading away without real results…

To me, this looks like an indication for two* things:

a) Access levels are broken** in Swift 3

b) The tool used for discussion (mailing list) is broken** as well

Right now, I'm in the mood to write a rant about b) (that might change until I have time to do so ;-), but returning back to topic, I really don't think adding more and more levels with more and more magic words is a bad idea.
Additionally, "directoryprivate" will be really painful due to the way Xcode deals with the filesystem (although that might be an argument for adding it, as imho Xcode needs improvement in this aspect anyways ;-)

- Tino

* three things to be honest; but the last one would be to controversial for a half sentence without explanation

** actually, I think "broken" is way to hard — but judging from past experience, I come to the sad conclusion that provoking statements are better to drive discussion ;-)

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