[swift-evolution] Any consideration for directoryprivate as a compliment to fileprivate?

Jim Malak Jim.Malak at beryle-lee.com
Thu Dec 8 00:49:53 CST 2016

My apologies up front if I am going about this incorrectly. I have been exploring extensions in Swift 3 both as a part of protocol-oriented programming and as a way to encapsulate related code to improve readability and maintainablity of otherwise more complex classes I have designed. I am able to encapsulate methods and calculated properties in extensions and restrict their use to the object type I am extending as long as everything is in one file via fileprivate.

I would like to be able to have my class or structure file in a directory that contains my associated extensions  (also in separate files) and be able to restrict the access  of appropriate properties and  methods to that common directory. This would allow the same level encapsulation as fileprivate with the benifit of being able to organize code into sepereate files based on function.

I did not see this in the commonly rejected list but am unsure if this is something that is out of scope for 4.0. Is this something I can write up a proposal for? Is there some other approach that I missed that I should be using instead?

Kind regards,
Jim Malak

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