[swift-evolution] What about renaming Optional.map to Optional.mapMe ?

Jay Zhao zhaojianyin at icloud.com
Mon Dec 5 21:46:01 CST 2016

Hi there,

Code explains everything:


/// Maybe a bad API naming in Swift? See below:

        /// array1 can be array of any object that have a `count` method
        let array1 = [[String]]()
        let array2 :[String]? = nil
        // I believe the confusion between `array.map` and `optionalArray.map` is really bad.
        // Because when you read code like this, you can not tell which is which:
        _ = array1.map({$0.count})
        _ = array2.map({$0.count})
        // It can be clearer:
        // 1, we pass `self.element` into the closure
        _ = array1.map({$0.count})
        // 2, we pass self directly into the closure
        _ = array2.mapMe({$0.count})

The mapFlat method is also problematic.

Jay Zhao
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