[swift-evolution] private & fileprivate

Ted F.A. van Gaalen tedvgiosdev at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 05:48:38 CDT 2016

Most disturbing, 
What are you trying to achieve?

Well, I can be a little harsh at times too, perhaps at times
when I do not fully understand or misinterpret situations or people.
in that case I will admit my shortcoming and apologise if necessary.

However, you are being very negative, rude and insulting,
Btw, I also work with Smalltalk and assure that you are 
completely out of touch with the Smalltalk community
which is very friendly and social and so is the Swift community.

I see no need to further converse with you.


> On 14 Oct 2016, at 02:14, Trans <transfire at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry, that was a little harsh. I just think there are a lot of
> opinions here based on personal biases and not necessary the best
> prior experiences. If you want good OOP it is best to let people with
> *real* OOP experience, like SmallTalk, work it out.

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