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Wow, that's a very interesting post. Sounds a lot simpler to implement than
my idea about fixing up offsets in the linker and preserves binary
compatability just the same.

I got some complaints when I first started talking about this that the
runtime would have to track extra pointers and performance would be
affected because of additional levels of indirection, which I didn't fully
understand because it seems fairly trivial to me. Perhaps this twin-purpose
refcount/side-table pointer also suffers the same concerns?

On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 at 00:21 Ole Begemann via swift-evolution <
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 > I think the language devs must have some idea how this will work, but

 > don't seem to want to share/discuss it at the moment. I was hoping for

 > some feedback about my implementation ideas - whether they are along the

 > right lines, or way off, or not necessary (because the implementation

 > strategy is already known). Perhaps this the wrong list for that kind of

 > discussion?

For what it's worth, Greg Parker (Cc'ed) started a discussion back in

March that I think is relevant here:


Here's the relevant part:

"I am considering a new representation for Swift refcounts and other

per-object data. This is an outline of the scheme. Comments and

suggestions welcome.

Today, each object stores 64-bits of refcounts and flags after the isa


In this new system, each object would store a pointer-size field after

the isa field. This field would have two cases: it could store refcounts

and flags, or it could store a pointer to a side allocation that would

store refcounts and flags and additional per-object data.



* Allows inexpensive per-object storage for future features like

associated references or class extensions with instance variables.


I don't know the current status of this idea (implemented? planned?

abandoned?). Also, it's worth noting that this would only apply to

classes, not value types.



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