[swift-evolution] [Pitch]Building a limited framework to develop Android Apps in Swift 3.0

Tony Constantinides constantinnovationsinc at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 23:45:32 CDT 2016

In Swift 3.0 you can build Android apps in Linux but only console apps as
there is no framework to build GUI apps using JNI.
What I propose is to build an initial limited framework coded in C that
calls enough of the Java Android API via JNI to bootstrap the android app
and to create widgets and layouts.A default Androidmanifest.xml file and
some files needed to be generated to make a valid android app.
  The Android API java surface is vast, so this framework needs to be build
over many releases to be useful. Developing a graphical Android app
requires interaction with "Activities" and the package manager and some
widgets like Button and some layouts like "RelativeLayout" and
 The result will be the ability to develop GUI Android apps on Linux using
Swift 3.0
Further support for additional APIs will be provided once the basics are
Who am I: Senior Android mobile developer with more than six years
experience on Android.
Am I able to build Swift 3.0 on Linux: Yes
Any help, suggestions, or ideas are most welcome
Warms regards,
Tony Constantinides
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