[swift-evolution] [Pitch] Refactor Metatypes

Pyry Jahkola pyry.jahkola at iki.fi
Sun Oct 2 02:00:46 CDT 2016

> Goffredo Marocchi wrote:
> I think the names should be bikeshedded more still. From your examples they seem to make sense when I mentally add Of like TypeOf<> and SubTypeOf<>, but since you are not commenting on why that is wrong or right or misleading, or at least I have missed your reply on that, I am still a bit at loss. Maybe we need other words altogether?

OTOH, we don't have ArrayOf<Element> or DictionaryOfKeyAndValue<Key, Value>, while we still pronounce them that way. I don't think prepositions belong in the name of types but in exceptional cases, and this doesn't sound exceptional enough to me.

— Pyry

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