[swift-evolution] [Proposal draft] Conditional conformances

David Hart david at hartbit.com
Thu Sep 29 15:00:17 CDT 2016

> On 29 Sep 2016, at 20:12, Douglas Gregor via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> You get a compile error if there are two conformances of SomeWrapper to Equatable; it doesn’t actually matter whether they are conditional, but people are far more likely to expect to be able to having overlapping conditional conformances.

Slightly off-topic but I was hit quick badly by this recently because two libraries I was trying to import both conformed UIControlState to Hashable to be able to use it as Dictionary indices. It seems like something that might happen kind of regularly with important protocols like Hashable and Equatable.

Is there any plans to address those issues and might it have an effect on this proposal?
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