[swift-evolution] draft proposals should be easier to find

Jay Abbott jay at abbott.me.uk
Wed Sep 28 10:03:24 CDT 2016


I had an idea and eventually discovered trawling through the archives of
this list that quite a few other people have had the same idea and it has
been discussed. Multiple times. This was not easy to discover, and judging
from some of the messages I came across other people hadn't found and read

I imagine this is frustrating and potentially time-consuming for the list,
with people proposing or reopening ideas that have already been discussed,
and it's likely frustrating for those people trying to get involved too,
possibly discouraging them from participating further.

I have some ideas about how to solve/mitigate this, not sure if they are
any good, but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

1. Add a draft-proposals directory to the swift-evolution repo. People
would still discuss it here first, then add a draft and send a PR.

Easy to find and search; Easy to link to; Things that are suitable for
future discussion/review would have a place to live until their time;
Commonly proposed already have a place, but uncommon ones could live here;
Could be categorised (perhaps in sub-directories or by renaming files to
have a different prefix) for "not viable" "yes, write it up and move to
proposals" "consider later" "no, never" etc.

Would get big and might need some cleaning from time to time; More PRs to
deal with - although a quick scan is all that would be needed;

2. Add a currently_proposed.md file. This would have a similar purpose, but
would be 3 lines only - Title (link to mailing list archive of discussion),
Description (one-line), Status/comment.

Pros and Cons are basically the same as 1.

3. Add a separate category to the bug tracker for proposals.

Pros: ?
Cons: ?

Not sure how that's currently used, or if mixing up dev and evolution
related items is acceptable or not, so I'm not sure if this is
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