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isidoro carlo ghezzi isidoro.ghezzi at icloud.com
Sun Sep 4 17:53:46 CDT 2016

Hi all,

I think the "old style" `#pragma` is necessary in Swift.
Exactly in the same way it is available in C/C++ or Objective-C/C++, or in something else portable way.

Because `#pragma` is not handled in Swift, in Xcode they overloaded the semantic of comments, giving to the comment `// MARK:` the semantic of `#pragma mark`

But my point of view is that, I would like that what it is written in a source comment (what it is written after a // or between /* */ ) should be fully ignore by compiler or IDE.

I understand that maybe a compiler shouldn't lose time handling `#pragma options`, but giving semantics to source comment, I think it can be dangerous and misunderstood.

The implementation in Swift compiler should be simple, ignoring any line beginning with `#pragma` (ok I know It is not simple)
The IDE will handle the `#pragma`

That's why they invented `#pragma`in C/C++ Objective-C/C++ right?

Thanks for your attention, and sorry for my bad english: I am Italian native spoke language.

#pragma mark - sign
Best Regards,
Isidoro Ghezzi

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