[swift-evolution] Which functionality should be covered by a native Swift math/numerics library that ships with the standard lib?

Björn Forster bjoern.forster at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 3 07:41:05 CDT 2016

Hello Swift community,
to make use of Swift more appealing and useful for science, engineering and
finance and everything else involving actually calculating things, I think
it would be a big step forward if Swift would ship with its own
math/numerics library.

Wouldn't it be great if Swift would offer functionality similar to Numpy in
its native math lib? It think it would be great to have a "standard"
annotation for vector arithmetic that the Swift community has agreed on and
that scientific packages can build on.

Which functionality should be covered by a Swift's math lib and where
should be drawn the line?

Any thoughts?

(If it is not the right time now to talk this topic, as it is not mentioned
in the goals for Swift 4 by Chris, I apologize for bringing this up now.
But I think then this should be discussed later at some point not in the
infinite future)

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