[swift-evolution] [Swift4] Mailing list vs. Forum

Paulo Faria paulo at zewo.io
Tue Aug 2 18:27:29 CDT 2016

> On Aug 2, 2016, at 3:17 PM, Tim Vermeulen via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> For what it’s worth: Discourse has a Mailing List mode, which will send you an email every time someone makes a new topic or replies to an existing topic (apart from the topics you muted). You can then reply to that email to post a reply in that topic, just like in a mailing list.

Yeah. That’s what I was going to say. Forums can become emails easily.

> On Aug 2, 2016, at 2:30 PM, Kevin Ballard via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> I don't understand the suggestions for Slack. That would be a wildly inappropriate medium for long-form discussions that need to be visible to the wider community. Slack is a real-time chat platform, appropriate for immediate discussions between a small set of people. So, for example, you might use Slack when talking with your proposal co-author about polishing up the proposal you're writing together prior to submitting. But you certainly wouldn't use it to actually discuss the proposal idea with the wider community.

Exactly my point about Slack. It would be nice to use it for discussions *before* they’re eligible for a proper proposal. Obviously a proposal couldn’t be accepted if it was only shared and discussed in Slack. That’s not even possible. The idea is to make the forum cleaner, by having only discussions of ideas that passed the early stage. For small things use Slack. Don’t clutter the forum.
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