[swift-evolution] [Meta] What does the backlog mean to the process?

Brandon Knope bknope at me.com
Fri Jul 29 11:01:48 CDT 2016

I think this just shows how familiar many of us are with this process.

It’s fun and challenging coming up with the great ideas…but someone has to implement it. It may not be fun…and it may be very time consuming.

I think a lot of us just expected the core team to implement these all…but they really need help from the community to save them time and sanity with trying to get all of this done.

To me this means I need to familiarize myself with the swift code base even more. I need to understand all the GitHub processes to get a change implemented and submitted.

I really hope at some point someone can make a primer of the process they went through to implement one of these proposals from start to finish. I think this could be illuminating for many on this list.

ALSO: I think this is where a forum can help greatly: some of us need a way to discuss our implementations and ask for help while we are working on one of these proposals. Mailing lists make it very hard to have a general discussion where we talk code and ask for help in get detail. It is also much easier for others to browse to learn from that conversation.

In short: the swift-evolution process works…but some of us in the community need to step up and help a little more other than just proposing things. I think the swift team could make this easier with some detailed guides and documentation and a forum for better discussions when trying to implement these things…but I know they are insanely busy. I do think some time investment in this area will pay off in the future…and quickly.


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> Hello all,
> With the Swift 3 deadline passed, according to the Swift Evolution progress page, about 20% of the proposals that the community voted in won't make it for Swift 3. Beyond the implications for the language itself, what does that mean for the swift-evolution process?
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