[swift-evolution] Getting rid of "..." in variadic functions

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Mon Jul 25 10:12:28 CDT 2016

Just wanted to ask about the current status — but then saw that there has been a PR already…
It's a pity that there hasn't been the time for a detailed answer, as I still think this is one of the best non-trivial proposals so far.

So, I guess you're discouraged by the backfire, but afaics, there haven't been many people opposing the idea, but rather a lack of interest.
Maybe it's just not the right time, and I hope there are no serious plans to make Swift 3 the last release with breaking changes, so that there will be another possibility to discuss the topic when there is less stress.

What's your opinion on simply allowing variadic-syntax at call site wherever an array is expected? For me, the only real counter-argument has been that "@variadic" is more heavy-weight than three dots, and although I don't agree that this is an issue, "nothing" is obviously as lightweight as possible.

- Tino

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