[swift-evolution] [Draft] Fix a typo in two String methods

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Sat Jul 23 17:16:02 CDT 2016

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>> In the context of character sets, "nul" is the correct name for the 0 value. "null" only makes sense when we are talking about pointer-like references.
>> Oh, I see: "NUL-terminated" is a thing because "NUL" is the ASCII name. Still a little bizarre looking, though, especially if it's UTF8 rather than ASCII. I am less bothered by it now, thanks :)
> Yeah. Using the ASCII abbreviation was intentional but after thinking about it for a second I still think it should be renamed. Swift methods are supposed to be spelled out in english. There’s no reason to use an abbreviation here.

“NUL” is an abbreviation for “Null Character”.  You think that it is a good idea to spell out its full two-word name?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Null_character <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Null_character>

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