[swift-evolution] [Review #3] SE-0117: Allow distinguishing between public access and public overridability

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Fri Jul 22 01:00:03 CDT 2016

> Am 22.07.2016 um 00:29 schrieb Garth Snyder via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org>:
> In the original proposal (and the ensuing discussion), there was tacit agreement that subclassability/overridability and access levels should be orthogonal. However, given the direction that the design has taken since then, I think we should revisit that decision.
You can't change what you cannot see, so orthogonality was never a real option.
It could be, if "public" did not affect visibility, but rather the right to instantiate/call. In this scenario, you could specify an abstract class "for free" as "private open class Foo".
I'm still convinced that such synergies are highly desirable, and that a holistic take on the whole topic would be more beneficial for Swift than the small-scale changes that have been discussed so far.
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