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Anton Zhilin antonyzhilin at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 20:05:03 CDT 2016

Somehow I did not send a copy to evolution the first time:

I have to agree. Stopping the discussion on this until after Swift 3.

And response from Dmitri:


Just wanted to be clear -- I am not against reflection.  And I am
concerned whether the current design of Mirror will work for the
long-term full-featured reflection implementation, but only because we
don't know what will be the shape of reflection in Swift.  For
example, would we be able to call arbitrary public functions on a type
by name?  If yes, how would that be implemented -- both in the API,
and on the low level, how would actual function call and argument
passing work?  How much extra metadata and thunks would the compiler
need to emit?  Would an average app or framework want that bloat?
Remember that we don't have a JIT, so we can't say "we will do what
Java (or any other mainstream language with reflection) does", because
we can't.
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