[swift-evolution] Change Request: Make myString.hasPrefix("") and myString.hasSuffix("") return true

Ted F.A. van Gaalen tedvgiosdev at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 07:44:15 CDT 2016

Hi Dave

“true” ? am I going nuts ? :o) 

var str = "Hello, playground"

print( str.hasPrefix("”)) // case 1 : false

print( str.hasSuffix("”)) // case 2 : false

print("" == “a” )          // case 3 : false

Currently, all cases above evaluate to “false”
i think that is correct, because:

How can an empty string be a prefix or suffix value?
as there is no empty string present in a non-empty string. 

Note that if case 1 and case 2 would evaluate to “true”, 
it would conflict with case 3. 

Can’t imagine that case 3 should in future also result in “true” 



Also I hope that changes to String functionality
for Swift 4 are not backward breaking changes
even the more for string handling, because Strings 
are heavily used in most apps. 

I am firmly convinced that all future releases of Swift 
should compile Swift 3 and higher source files without
any changes 100 % flawlessly! This prevents early diminishing 
of Swift’s popularity, especially with those building large
codebases using Swift. 

I’ve started a thread about this a week ago,
however no one found this important enough to
share their opinions with me yet, or were too busy with
other subjects to do so.

Increasingly I have dreams, me
programming complete apps in Smalltalk
and then automagically generate 
an macOS, tvOS or iOS runtime app of it.

(I have also dreams of this world becoming
a nice and peaceful placebut that is 
beyond the context of this forum)    

Kind Regards



> on Mon Jul 18 2016, Kevin Nattinger <swift-evolution at swift.org <mailto:swift-evolution at swift.org>> wrote:
>> I agree, true is definitely the expected behavior. In particular, it
>> seems absurd to me that `a.hasPrefix(b)` and `a.hasSuffix(b)` could be
>> false when `a == b` is true.
> I expect to be reworking Strings for Swift 4, and this is one of the
> many things we plan to address.
> -- 
> Dave

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