[swift-evolution] adding Obj-C syntax to Swift?

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On Jul 11, 2016, at 8:19 PM, Ford Prefect <fordpre at mail.com<mailto:fordpre at mail.com>> wrote:

People say nearly every WWDC code example was Swift. That says to newcomers "learn Swift, not Obj C".
Swift is being ported on other platforms but Objective C is not.
Google has talked about switching to it, which may be unrelated but likely not since the Valley is a small place.

More people using Swift is great. But C is still used. C++ is used. Why does Obj-C need to go away for Swift to gain a larger dev base?

If Google starts to use Swift, do you see Java going away?

Obj-C has been here for awhile. Certainly before iOS and even before OS X. I don’t see it going away any time soon, even in those eco-systems.



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Where is this wall with writing you speak of?
My feeling is, if you want Obj-C syntax, why not use Obj-C? I actually don't get the feeling that access to it as a development language is really going away.

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Perhaps one of the most disliked aspects of Swift
is the Rust-like syntax, which requires that each coder resign himself to
grin-and-bear-it in order to obtain the benefits of Swift.
Since "the writing is on the wall" that Objective C
is in its last days at least as far as app writers go
(maybe within Apple it will endure), is there any
chance of sweetening the pill a bit by giving us
back the more readable syntax of Objective C, in particular
the method call syntax? It just made more sense to
format a method call like Smalltalk.
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