[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0117: Default classes to benon-subclassable publicly

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Sun Jul 10 18:37:07 CDT 2016

> You asked me to correct you and I shall:
Well, in the first place, I asked how many subclasses you have to "seal" manually… may I assume that it is a low number?

> You asked for an example where this feature would be needed and I've provided.
No, actually you provided an example where you think the feature would be needed… but wait:
How could you write it then? Do I have a wrong interpretation of "needed", or did you write this thing in an apocalyptic future? ;-)

> As I said, a concrete and real example. But I haven't seen anyone give the slightest concrete technical reason not to approve it and please don't come saying fix bugs in a library by subclassing because that's not what subclassing is for. That is a misuse of object orientation in whichever language you're working with.
At least there are many real (at least I think so) examples of problems that could be solved because sealed isn't the default now…
But as I said in another message:
All of this is not about technical reasons, but only about personal preference — and my preference is to have fun writing software, instead of struggling with bureaucracy.
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