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IIRC, "custom" was used because it's not just conforming types that are
string convertible; it's that these types have a custom string conversion.
I can appreciate how this is an important point to communicate.
On Fri, Jul 1, 2016 at 14:16 Eric Habberstad via swift-evolution <
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> To the Swift community,
> May I put forth a couple of new names for the following protocol:
> - CustomStringConvertible  —   rename as ‘Descriptive’ or as ‘Revealable’
> Two goals for Swift is clarity and joy in use of the language, so I
> strongly feel that ‘Custom-‘ not be part of any new name here since it
> contributes little except verbosity, and ‘-String-‘ should be dropped too
> since ‘CustomStringConvertible’ has nothing to do with the String struct
> proper.  The protocol only consists of the *var description*, after all.
> Of course, the corollary would be ‘DebugDescriptive’ or ‘DebugRevealable’
> I did consider ‘Describable’ as a name but to me ‘Descriptive’ looks and
> sounds better and captures the essence of what CustomStringConvertible
> really is.  ‘Revealable’ as an alternate sounds, pardon the pun, almost as
> descriptive and has a bit of a classier ring to it.
> This is a followup, albeit partial, to the final review of proposal
> SE-0041 which noted that the community was quite positive about the
> stated need to rename this and some other protocols, but just needs
> agreement on new names.
> — Eric
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