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Adrian Zubarev adrian.zubarev at devandartist.com
Fri Jul 1 08:30:55 CDT 2016

what if OneOf<A, A>?

duplicate variable compile warning?
I already answered that question:

For example:

typealias ABC = A | B | C

typealias ABCD = ABC | D

we just use an existed type ABC to construct ABCD

But how about generic wrap?

// we generate the boundary with `A | B` or directly OneOf<A, B>
enum OneOf<...T> {

  ...case $#(T)

  // Bikeshedding variadic enum casses:
  // we might need an index to set the value?
  init(index: Int, value: T) {
      self = .$index(value)

/// Usage:
/// A | B | C == OneOf<A, B, C>
func |<T, U>(_: T.Type, _: U.Type) -> OneOf<T, U>.Type {
  // I also use the proposal to remove `.self` magic here
  return OneOf<T, U>

// Here is how to merge OneOf into a single dimension
func |<...T, U>(_: OneOf<...T>.Type, _: U.Type) -> OneOf<...T, U>.Type {
  // Copy and merge types into the new `OneOf` type
  return OneOf<...T, U>

func |<T, ...U>(_: T.Type, _: OneOf<...U>.Type) -> OneOf<T, ...U>.Type {
  // Copy and merge types into the new `OneOf` type
  return OneOf<T, ...U>

func |<...T, ...U>(_: OneOf<...T>.Type, _: OneOf<...U>.Type) -> OneOf<...T, ...U>.Type {
  // Copy and merge types into the new `OneOf` type
  return OneOf<...T, ...U>
Your example will become:

typealias ABC = A | B | C // or OneOf<A, B, C>
typealias ABCD = ABC | D // merging lhs OneOf with D to OneOf<A, B, C, D>
Mission accomplished.

Again this is not a true union type because String | String != String
You’d get a OneOf enum with both first and second case as A. You still can distinguish them by the indexed label.

let test = OneOf<A, A>.init(index: 0, value: A())

switch test {
    case .$1(let value)
        // do something
    case .$2(let value)
        // do something
Again this is all bikeshedding of variadic generics and variadic enums!

Adrian Zubarev
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Am 1. Juli 2016 um 11:08:40, Cao Jiannan via swift-evolution (swift-evolution at swift.org) schrieb:

Hi all,

I'm now officially proposal the union type feature for Swift. Please see:


Add union type grammar, represents the type which is one of other types.

var stringOrURL: String | URL = "https://www.apple.com"

I would be thankful if someone support this idea and give some advice. Thanks!


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