[swift-evolution] Fix or remove Swift.min and Swift.max?

Jens Persson jens at bitcycle.com
Tue Jun 28 16:29:03 CDT 2016

Hi all!

Swift.min (and Swift.max) propagates nan or not depending on the order of
its args:

Swift.min(1.0, .nan) // 1.0
Swift.min(.nan, 1.0) // nan (!)

Double.minimum(1.0, .nan) // 1.0
Double.minimum(.nan, 1.0) // 1.0

fmin(1.0, .nan) // 1.0
fmin(.nan, 1.0) // 1.0

The new static minimum and maximum funcs on FloatingPoint in Swift 3 shows
the expected behaviour (ie the same as fmin, fmax and IEEE-754), so what
should happen with Swift.min and Swift.max?

Fix, remove or perhaps something else?


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