[swift-evolution] Optionals and nil in Switch statement

Lucas Jordan lucasjordan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 08:40:27 CDT 2016

Forgive me if this was/is discussed already, I am new to the process

(code is attached as a playground too)

Sometimes when I am working with a String? nil can be a reasonable value,
and what I want to do is something like the following:

import UIKit

var str:String? = "Hello, playground"

switch str{

case nil:


case "Hello, playground":  //it would be super nice if this worked.



    print("Some other non nil value?")


But it does not work, the orange  text is a compile time error, "Expression
pattern of type 'String' cannot match value of type 'String?'. I realize
that this can be replaced with a let statement (case let s where s == "Hello,
playground":), but that is verbose.

Seems like the compiler could be OK with the orange text, since it is
clearly not nil.


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